Similan Island

Similan Islands in brief information  
Famous for the beautiful corals, white sand beaches and clear tropical waters, Similan Island snorkeling is definitely something do while in Thailand.

The Similan Islands national park is one of the most beautiful marine national parks in Thailand. It was rated by American Diving magazine as one of its top ten dive sites in the world. The beach is not be missed either. Containing golden powdery sand, it sits next to mirror like waters, the likes of which you’d imagine paradise to possess – a place everyone should visit once in their.
Today Mu Koh Similan National Marine Park and all its reefs have recovered from earlier disturbances. Boats entering the Similan Islands National Park have to follow strict rules imposed and controlled by the national park officials, have to use the moorings prepared by the national park and use closed waste water systems to avoid any pollution.
Activities include Diving,Snorkelling, birding, camping and lazing on the beaches. Many tour operators make visits to these islands. Please see our tour packages for more information

How to travel to the Similan Islands?The Similan Island’s National Park is situated 100 kilometers away from Phuket. The best way to travel here is to book a speed boat tour from a respectable tour operator. The reason for this is that for half of the year there are no public boats operating to the Islands. We suggest for access and value for money you book yourself or a group onto one of our speed-boat packages. As ever the larger the group the better the value for money as well as a personalized tour to suit your groups needs. For those interested we also offer private speed-boat charters.(The journey to Similand Island is approximately 1.15 hours by speed boat)

For snorkeling, there are several options if you wish to Snorkel the Similan Islands. All boats depart form Taplamu pier If you go on a guided tour, you will be taken to 2 or three snorkeling sites with lunch taking place at one of the picnic areas - Donald Duck Bay, Honeymoon Bay or Princess Bay. These areas are also great for the beginner, or timid snorkeler. We also find this to be the best place for small children.

If you go by daytrip, most likely you will have a guide with you to help point out interesting fish or corals. You will also be at places that might not have a beach, so consider that when with children or inexperienced snorkelers!

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