Tachai Island

Tachai Island in brife information
The virgin island as Maldives Thailand which white sand beach, beautiful ocean, coral and fishes.
Ko Tachai on Google Earth - Similans National Park it is a long way north of the main islands (1 to 9) - 47km from the northen-most island #9, 60km from the Surins NP Headquarters at island #4, 27 km from Ko Bon and 70km from the Similans mainland departure port at Thap Lamu south of Khao Lak. The Surins are a lot closer than Similans 1 to 9 - 37km. To travel here is just open in this last 4 years for toursit can visit and spent time on the Island but only Day Trip program
In thsi island is not only does this site have beautiful corals but that are many large fish here so it good for snorkeling too. There are leopard sharks, nurse sharks and eagle rays. Hawksbill turtle and whale sharks are regular visitors of these water. Here is a lovely island with a long white beach, beautiful waters, rocky outcrops and a small mountain viewpoint that even the laziest tourist can tackle with our tour guide who trianed surviver training.
Many people have not heard of the island despite its beauty. This is presumably due to the fact that there are no bungalows or banana pancakes. It is though, very popular for the Thai and foreign to ralax as a  day trip program that not so hard and good for family voaction.
Some interesting wildlife as well: Chicken Crabs. Hermis crab


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